Prosecutor Steps Down in Willis Case

( – In early January, nine co-defendants in the Georgia election tampering case filed motions accusing District Attorney Fani Willis and her special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, of engaging in “an improper… personal relationship,” disqualifying her office from continuing to prosecute former President Donald Trump and 15 remaining defendants. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee conducted three days of hearing over two weeks, starting mid-February. He recently handed down his long-awaited ruling on the motions.

On Friday, March 15, McAfee issued an order on the defendants’ motions to disqualify and dismiss Willis and her office. The 23-page document served as a searing rebuke of Willis’ handling of the prosecution and her decision to appoint Wade to head her team. (Both admitted to having a romantic relationship in a February 2 court filing.)

Nevertheless, McAfee ruled that the defendants “failed to meet” the required “burden” to prove a “conflict of interest” existed, warranting Willis’ removal of the case. However, he did find that the appearance of an “impropriety” required him to order either Willis or Wade to withdraw from the case before the prosecution could resume.

Friday afternoon, Wade submitted a one-page letter resigning from the case. He wrote the “North Star” of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office had always been the “furtherance” of democracy and the “rule of law” during their combined efforts to prosecute the alleged perpetrators of an attempt to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Wade explained that the prosecutorial team was committed to obtaining a “true and just verdict” in the case. Therefore, he decided to tender his resignation so the case could move forward as quickly as possible. He concluded his statement by writing that he was proud of the work the DA’s team had accomplished and expressed his belief that the prosecution remained in “good hands.”

Later that day, Willis sent Wade a short reply, accepting his resignation effective immediately. She complimented him on his 865 days of service as special prosecutor and expressed her sincere gratitude on behalf of Fulton County residents for his patriotism and “dedication to justice.”

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