Progressive PAC Pledges $30M to Turnout Campaign

( – Republicans and Democrats hope to make significant advances in the upcoming general elections. Recent news reports indicate that a progressive political action committee (PAC) recently pledged to spend millions on a turnout campaign, an effort to drive the Democratic base and other supportive voters to polling stations in November.

On February 22, the Progressive Turnout Project (PTP) issued a statement on its X/Twitter account announcing the group’s plan to “deploy $30 million” to support Democratic campaigns. The plan includes four goals.

  1. Support President Joe Biden’s bid for a second term
  2. Maintain the Democrat Senate majority
  3. Retake the House
  4. Rally Democrats’ interest in down-ballot races.

The PTP’s efforts will likely trigger significant pushback from the Republican National Committee (RNC) and PACs supporting Republican candidates and conservative ideals. Modern elections require proper funding for campaign ads and events. They also require grassroots-level efforts to turn out the vote.

For instance, the PTP website says it recruited hundreds of paid field representatives during the 2022 midterm election to have “one-on-one conversations” with Democrats in exurban and rural communities with inconsistent voting records. The group also claims the reps “knocked” on nearly 200,000 doors in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona.

How much impact the group may have had on the midterms remains unclear. However, the anticipated Blue Wave never happened, and Democrats kept the Senate. Sadly, Republicans only gained a sliver of seats in the House, giving them an extremely slim margin in the chamber.

The RNC is about to transition, so there might be a momentary loss of momentum. Ronna McDaniel recently told former President Donald Trump she planned to step down as the RNC’s chair. The two agreed to meet and discuss her departure by the end of February.

On February 12, Trump endorsed North Carolina Republican Party Chair Michael Whatley as McDaniel’s replacement. He also announced that his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, had agreed to run as the RNC’s co-chair.

So far, Whatley has been relatively quiet about his plans for the RNC, but Lara Trump has stressed the need for the committee to focus primarily on the former president’s campaign efforts.

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