Presley’s Son Breaks Silence on Fentanyl Addiction

( – The Presley family has a long-standing history of problems associated with drugs. For instance, medical examiners found 14 different drugs in Elvis’ system when he died and attributed his death to a combination of depressants. Likewise, his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, had opioids in her system at the time of her death, although she died of complications from a previous surgical procedure. Her half-brother, Navarone Garibaldi, recently broke his silence about his fentanyl addiction.

On January 7, the British tabloid media outlet The Sun published excerpts from an exclusive interview with Navarone, the son of Elvis Presley’s former wife, Priscilla Presley, and her ex-partner Marco Garibaldi. He told the publication that at one time, he was spending as much as £2,400 (roughly $3,060) per month on fentanyl.

The 36-year-old rock singer said he accidentally got addicted to fentanyl after he started taking heroin laced with the deadly opioid. Garibaldi said he didn’t even know he was taking it at first but eventually realized that “suddenly [he] was addicted.”

Garibaldi related that the desired effects from heroin typically lasted for around six to eight hours. However, once he was addicted to fentanyl, he had to take it every 45 minutes. Garibaldi said that if he didn’t, he would end up getting deathly ill.

Continuing his tragic tale, Garibaldi said he ended up moving in with his mother for about a month while “recovering from [his] problem.” “My [mother] helped me,” he explained, adding that he was “indisposed” while withdrawing from fentanyl. “I was useless.”

Garibaldi’s music career hasn’t taken off so far. However, he said he doesn’t want to cash in on the connection to Elvis. Garibaldi noted that people always asked him if he would sing some of the legendary singers’ songs but indicated it wasn’t something he felt comfortable doing. He said he wanted to “make [his] own name in music” instead of taking advantage of Elvis’ fame.

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