Police Find Additional Clues Into Deadly Carjacking

(RightWing.org) – On April 11, an individual recorded a male subject approaching a white Dodge Durango with a firearm, speaking to the driver, and getting into the backseat. A second person followed the Durango in a green Acura. The incident took place in Seminole County, Florida. Officials located the torched remains of the Durango and the body of a Hispanic woman in nearby Osceola County. A recent report revealed that investigators have found several clues related to the deadly carjacking.

The case involves several individuals. To help clarify matters, they include the following people.

  • Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas, the 31-year-old victim
  • Miguel Angel Aquasvivas, the victim’s husband
  • Jordanish Torres-Garcia, the suspect in an unrelated murder on April 10
  • Francisco Estrella Chicon, an Orange County deputy sheriff
  • Monicsabel Romero Soto
  • Giovany Joel Crespo Hernandez, Soto’s live-in boyfriend

Law enforcement officials have taken the first three individuals into custody and found potential leads in Guerrero De Aguasvivas’ murder, as detailed below.

On April 19, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) issued a press release providing updates on the investigation into the carjacking and murder. Sheriff Dennis Lemma confirmed that officials with the US Marshals Service arrested Torres-Garcia on unrelated charges earlier that day. Federal officers later transferred him to the Seminole County Detention Center so detectives could question him.

SCSO investigators connected Torres-Garcia to the green Acura recorded following the victim’s car during the alleged carjacking. His Facebook profile picture showed him wearing the same mask and black hoodie as seen in the witness’ clip.

Sheriff’s office investigators recently executed a search warrant at the residence of Soto and Hernandez. They discovered fentanyl, an undisclosed amount of cash, and a firearm while searching.

Additionally, Soto accepted the controlled delivery of three kilograms (6.6 pounds) of cocaine in Osceola County while investigators executed the search warrant. Homeland Security Investigations agents arrested her at the scene of the exchange. Hernandez remains at large. He faces federal charges related to fentanyl trafficking.

Local news outlets reported that officials arrested Chicon after discovering that the deputy sheriff accessed personal and professional information about the lead SCSO detective investigating Guerrero De Aguasvivas. He allegedly shared that confidential data with the victim’s husband, a childhood friend of his wife.

SCSO detectives are still trying to discover the full connection between the suspects, the carjacking, and other crimes.

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