Newsom Dodges Political Failings in Speech

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has spent the better part of the last couple of years bouncing around the country trying to salvage President Joe Biden’s chances of securing a second term in office. Meanwhile, his constituents back at home are forced to suffer the consequences of his lack of leadership, like the near collapse of the state’s budget this year. The radically liberal governor managed to dodge those political failures during his June 25 State of the State address.

Newsom spent nearly half an hour listing off his so-called accomplishments. He also boasted about California’s “pluralism” and diversity and talked about his efforts to protect migrants at any expense.

However, what Newsom didn’t say spoke volumes compared to his self-aggrandizing rant. For instance, he lauded California’s ability to balance a budget and bragged that he had just submitted a two-year plan — an inexplicable claim considering the governor’s recent admissions.

Speaking of those, Newsom failed to mention the $27.6 billion budget shortfall for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 and the expected $28.4 billion deficit for FY 2025-26.

Perhaps Newsom has a good reason for those omissions. It might have something to do with the fact that he recently tried to blame climate change for the missing $28 billion from this year’s budget. With Biden lagging behind Donald Trump in the latest polls and a large part of his campaign involving his green policies — it’s easy to understand why Newsom might not want to raise the issue again.

True to form, Newsom dedicated a substantial portion of his State of the State [of California] speech to trashing conservative-led states. For instance, he said red states’ approach to crime “couldn’t be more divorced from reality.” He accused conservative governors and politicians of creating “fear and division” while their residents were being gunned down.

Newsom also accused red states of “catering to big business and the rich,” apparently he never heard the term “job creators” before. He said conservative-led states punish their lowest wage earners but hand out free passes to the wealthy.

The governor concluded his remarks by stating that California stands as “a beacon to the world,” — which leads to a couple of important questions: “What kind of world does Newsom think he’s living in?” and “Is Biden’s dementia contagious?”

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