New Evidence Uncovered in Havana Syndrome Investigation

( – One of the strangest medical mysteries of the 21st Century is an unusual condition that’s been named Havana Syndrome. It first appeared in US and Canadian diplomats in the Cuban capital less than ten years ago, and its cause has been a mystery ever since. Now, investigative journalists think they’ve found a clue — and the evidence points to a deliberate attack.

In 2016, diplomats at the US and Canadian embassies in Havana, Cuba, started to complain of unusual symptoms, including pain and ringing in the ears; some people even reported struggling to think clearly.

The next year the same symptoms started showing up in China, India, Europe, and even Washington, DC; this time US military and intelligence personnel were affected, too. However, while some speculated that a foreign power could be responsible, perhaps using toxins or a sonic weapon, no hard evidence could be found.

Five years ago a group of investigative journalists from CBS’s “60 Minutes,” conservative magazine “The Insider” and German news magazine “Der Spiegel” launched an investigation into Havana syndrome, and it looks like they’ve finally uncovered a clue about what’s causing it.

The group’s interviews with victims found that many of them reported being close to a window when symptoms suddenly hit them. One FBI counterintelligence agent said she was in her laundry room at home in Florida when she heard a “high-pitched metallic drilling noise” and was suddenly struck by crippling pain that expanded from her right ear — which was facing the window — down into her chest. At the same time, her cellphone battery expanded, breaking the case. Others reported similar sudden pains and symptoms.

Now, the “60 Minutes” team, helped by Bulgarian journalist Christo Grozev, is pointing the finger at a secretive Russian intelligence team called Unit 29155. Grozev says he has evidence that the unit, which specializes in sabotage and assassination, has access to a range of acoustic weapons — and he claims to have found an email that includes a receipt, itemized as “potential capabilities of non-lethal acoustic weapons.”

If he’s right, the cause of Havana syndrome might finally have been found. The problem is, it would mean Russia is deliberately attacking our diplomats, and that would be massively destabilizing.

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