NATO Chief Wants China to Pay for Propping up Enemies

( – Congress established the Wilson Center in 1968 as a government-backed think tank and nonpartisan policy forum for addressing global issues. The Washington, DC-based organization recently held a webcast featuring NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to preview the treaty organization’s upcoming 75th Anniversary Summit in July. The NATO chief had some harsh words to share with attendees regarding China and its efforts to support US enemies.

Stoltenberg pushed back against China’s provision of crucial technology to Russia, an act he said served to prolong Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. He insisted that Chinese officials must face the consequences of that support.

“Beijing cannot have it both ways,” the NATO head said. Stoltenberg warned that unless China “changes course,” NATO allies “need to impose a cost” at some point. “There should be some consequences” to their support for Russia, he concluded.

Stoltenberg explained that China provided 90% of the microelectronics Russia used in the last two years. He also said Chinese officials were striving to improve Russia’s satellite capabilities.

Stoltenberg told the online audience that China’s threats weren’t regional. He said the communist-led country was “fueling the largest armed conflict in Europe” since the conclusion of WWII. He also pointed out the irony of Chinese officials’ intention to “maintain good relations with the West” while supporting the Russian war effort against a NATO ally.

The NATO Chief concluded that portion of the discussion by confirming that Russia’s ongoing military conflict with Ukraine would be the “most urgent topic” discussed during the July NATO summit and the alliance’s defense spending.

Predictably, Chinese officials issued a fiery response to the NATO chief’s speech. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian discussed Stoltenberg’s remarks during his daily press conference on June 18.

Lin accused NATO of representing the “legacy of the Cold War and the world’s largest military group.” He said the alliance should “reflect” on its actions “rather than smear and attack China.” He claimed the international community recognized China’s efforts to maintain an “objective and just position” and its “constructive role” in global diplomacy.

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