Multiple Churches and Synagogues Struck Throughout Russia

( – Wars frequently have unintended consequences and claim unexpected victims. For instance, Western media outlets report that the fighting between Russia and Ukraine has intensified social unrest in the Russian republic of Dagestan, a territory located on Russia’s southernmost point where Vladimir Putin has conscripted a disproportionate number of ethnic minorities to fight. Media outlets recently reported that terrorists struck multiple churches and synagogues in that region.

On June 24, media outlets reported that gunmen opened fire on two synagogues, two churches, and police outposts in Dagestan the previous day. Western news organizations reported that at least 15 local law enforcement officials and four civilians died, including a clergyman. An additional 25 individuals sustained injuries in the deadly attack. The New York Times recently confirmed the death toll had risen to at least 20 people.

The Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) issued a press release shortly after the terrorist strike. The statement advised that the gunmen attacked a synagogue in Derbent at around 5:50 p.m. local time, roughly 40 minutes before the commencement of evening prayers.

The press release said a police car was guarding the place of worship, and officers and security guards died while they attempted to stop the terrorists. The attackers also set fire to the synagogue using several Molotov cocktails. The extent of the resulting damage remains unclear.

The terrorists also struck the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Derbent. Sixty-six-year-old parish priest, Father Nikolai Kotelnikov, died during the attack, and several parishioners were trapped inside the building for hours.

The RJC reported that gunmen carried out a similar attack at a synagogue in nearby Makhachkala. However, the notice didn’t provide any details about that terrorist strike. Media outlets reported that the attacks appeared to be coordinated by a singular group or organization. Some speculated that the terrorists staged the attacks, at least in part, to challenge Putin’s authority.

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