MTG Warns of National Divorce

( – An outspoken Republican congresswoman has warned that a “national divorce” is on the cards. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said a breakup of the US is “imminent” thanks to the way political polarization has spiraled out of control. Her comments follow the latest attack on former president Donald Trump.

On December 20, Greene, a solid supporter of Trump, sent a post on X (formerly Twitter) that claimed “America is in a constitutional crisis.” She highlighted some of the Biden administration’s biggest failures, including the ongoing flood of illegal immigration across our borders, then accused the courts of “engaging in judicial tyranny.” She said the government is now “weaponized” against the American people, then added that “Soon national divorce may be our only option.”

Greene’s post was probably provoked by the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision earlier that day to disqualify Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot. The court –- which made the decision on a 4 to 3 vote –- argues that because Trump engaged in “insurrection or rebellion,” he isn’t eligible to hold public office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

The first problem is that Trump hasn’t been convicted of –- or even charged with –- insurrection or rebellion. The second is that Congress, not the states, has enforcement power under Section 3. The Colorado decision is extremely controversial, with even many liberals warning that it sets a dangerous precedent.

In calling for a national divorce, Greene is arguing that the US should break into two countries, with the red and blue states going their separate ways. In practical terms, the big problem with that is that while the red states are mostly contiguous, blue states –- with the ironic exception of Chicago –- are scattered around the edges of the nation.

However, practical problems or not, it’s going to look like an increasingly attractive option to many Americans if the Democrats continue on their current trajectory. To conservatives, the thought of living in a country where liberal judges can rig elections by erasing the leading candidate’s name from the ballot isn’t a pleasant one.

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