Mayorkas Attempts to Gaslight American Public on Border

( – Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has been under fire for his handling of the ongoing crisis at the nation’s southern border. Critics argue that his department’s policies have exacerbated the situation, leading to unprecedented levels of illegal crossings and creating a national security and humanitarian crisis.

As this controversy unfolds, Mayorkas attempts to gaslight the American public on the true nature of the border crisis, a move that has ignited fierce debate and scrutiny.

Mayorkas’ Efforts to Deflect Blame

Mayorkas has staunchly defended his actions and the Biden administration’s approach to border security, suggesting that the responsibility for the crisis does not solely rest on their shoulders. According to a recent report from ZeroHedge, Mayorkas has gone as far as to claim that his department does not bear responsibility for the border crisis, sparking accusations of gaslighting from his detractors.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) issued a press release in January listing 64 instances where the Biden administration is accused of intentionally undermining border security, further fueling the controversy surrounding Mayorkas’ leadership and the administration’s failed immigration policies. These accusations highlight a deep divide in how border security and immigration reform are approached, with Mayorkas at the center of the debate.

House of Representatives Voting to Impeach Mayorkas

On February 13, the Republican-led House voted to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas along partisan lines by a vote of 214 to 213, with three GOP lawmakers defecting and joining Democrats to vote nay on the measure.

That historic vote underscores the severity of the concerns surrounding the border crisis and the administration’s handling of immigration policies. Critics of Mayorkas argue that his actions, or lack thereof, have significantly compromised national security and exacerbated the challenges at the border.

The impeachment vote was not just a symbolic gesture but a formal accusation of failing to uphold the duties of his office. The charges against Mayorkas center around allegations of neglecting to enforce immigration laws and thereby endangering public safety and national security. This move by the House reflects deep divisions over immigration policy and the federal government’s role in securing the border.

White House Response to Impeachment Vote

Department of Homeland Security Spokesperson Mia Ehrenberg issued a statement defending Mayorkas. She claimed that the impeachment proceedings were “unconstitutional” and politically motivated. Ehrenberg emphasized Mayorkas’ dedication to his duties and his efforts to manage an inherently challenging and complex border situation despite his clear record of failure.

President Joe Biden publicly defended Secretary Mayorkas, denouncing the House’s impeachment decision as “baseless” and a “blatant” example of partisanship. He also accused House Republicans of playing “petty political games.”

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