Maxwell Transferred to Cushy New Prison Cell

( – Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein assaulted dozens of underage girls with the assistance of his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Epstein died in a Manhattan detention center by his own hands in 2019 while awaiting trial for trafficking girls. A federal jury subsequently convicted Maxwell on conspiracy and trafficking charges in 2021 for her role in procuring his victims and received a 20-year sentence a few months later. A new report indicates prison officials recently transferred her to a cushy new prison cell.

In July 2022, federal authorities transferred Maxwell from Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center to FCI Tallahassee, a low-security federal correctional institute a few hours from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion. She spent roughly 20 months in the prison’s overcrowded B South Unit.

British news agencies reported inmates nicknamed B South the “snake pit” — and for a good reason. Incidents of bullying and fights are reportedly routine occurrences as prison officials cram approximately 120 inmates into tiny cells containing four bunks.

On March 18, media outlets reported that prison authorities recently authorized Maxwell’s transfer to the cushier D South Unit. Referred to as an “honor dorm” by convicts, the wing houses 30 to 40 of FCI Tallahassee’s inmates who exhibit good behavior. The wing contains larger cells with two bunks, and news reports indicated that Maxwell would likely get a private cell.

A prison source told the Daily Mail that while Maxwell had to contend with bullies in the snake pit, D South Unit’s conditions were “more like the sort of thing Maxwell [would] have experienced” attending boarding schools as a young child. The insider said, “fights are unheard of” in D South; there is less drama and fewer problems, “everything is well-ordered,” and inmates are “happy to be there.”

Curiously, Maxwell’s transfer to a new wing occurred roughly the same time her lawyers argued portions of her appeal before the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals. They are trying to overturn her conviction based on a provision in Epstein’s 2007 plea deal, which granted immunity to some of his alleged co-conspirators.

If the appeals court rules against her, inmate 02879-509 — as Maxwell is known behind prison bars — will not be eligible for release until mid-2037.

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