Maine Shooter’s Friend Claims He Warned Supervisor

( – Right Wing recently reported that officials released the transcripts of 911 calls placed by frantic residents of Lewiston, Maine, during last year’s deadly mass shooting. Those documents shed light on the horrors accompanying the fatal shooting rampage that claimed the lives of 18 people and injured 13 others on October 25. A new report indicated that a friend of the shooter, 40-year-old US Army Reservist Robert Card, claimed he warned their supervisor about the Cards’ bizarre conduct in the weeks leading up to the mass shooting event.

On January 11, The Associated Press published a report detailing portions of its interview with Sean Hodgson, Card’s former roommate and fellow Army reservist. The two men had known each other for almost 20 years.

Hodgson said his longtime friend had started exhibiting signs of paranoia and anger in the weeks leading up to his deadly shooting spree. He told the AP he sent a text message to their immediate Army Reserves supervisor expressing his mounting concerns on September 15.

Continuing, Hodgson explained that Card’s refusal to seek help and the fact he had easy access to firearms contributed to his decision to notify his superiors. “I believe [Card’s] going to snap and [commit] a mass shooting,” he explained in his letter.

Hodgson readily conceded that he wasn’t inside Card’s head and didn’t know “exactly” what was going on with his friend. However, looking back on how the situation eventually played out, Hodgson said, “I do know I was right” about him.

Hodgson wasn’t the only person who noticed changes in Card’s behavior. For example, some of his relatives contacted law enforcement officials in May to report his mounting paranoid behavior. They told local sheriff’s deputies that they were concerned about his access to firearms.

In July, Hodgson was held in a psychiatric unit for a couple of weeks after he pushed another Army Reservist and barricaded himself inside a motel room. The following month, Army officials issued orders declaring him non-deployable and barring him from handling firearms and other weapons.

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