J6 Defendant Thanks TGP and Public

(RightWing.org) – There isn’t a one-size-fits-all component to the rising number of January 6 defendants. They represent various walks of life, multiple ethnic and racial backgrounds, both genders, and have differing income levels. The Gateway Pundit (TGP) recently published an article detailing the current financial plight of one of those defendants, Daniel Morrissey. He has now reached out to the news outlet to express his gratitude for their assistance and that of the public.

On Sunday, March 3, TGP published an article explaining that Morrissey had alleged that his criminal defense attorney, Anthony Solis, colluded with federal prosecutors to deny him access to “crucial video evidence” that could have “exonerated him” during his criminal proceedings. TGP explained that Morrissey currently faced “financial ruin, eviction, and homelessness” as a result of his lawyer’s “alleged misconduct.”

TGP also reported that it contacted Morrissey to discuss his current situation. Morrissey advised that he had reached out to various individuals and groups for assistance. Morrissey said his legal fees had effectively bankrupted him. He noted that public utility companies shut off his services in February.

Continuing, Morrissey said he was “out of money and out of time” and was facing eviction on March 4. He said he had lived there for “the past two-plus years.” Morrissey concluded his remarks by asking for financial help “to have my story told.” TGP obliged by posting a link to his GiveSendGo account.

On March 5, TGP published a report updating its readers about Morrissey’s status. The news agency’s founder, Jim Hoft, reported that readers “came through for Dan Morrissey” and his call for help by “raising nearly $9,000” for him by Sunday afternoon.

Holt also published a heartfelt thank you note TGP received from Morrissey on Monday. Morrissey explained that thanks to the generosity of TGP and its readers, he was able to pay all of his back rent and March’s payment in full. Morrissey wrote that he could “live to fight another day” thanks to the public.

Morrissey’s GiveSendGo campaign has received $12,745 as of 11:00 a.m. on March 6.

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