Investigator Speaks Out 15 Years After Discovery of Caylee’s Body

( – On July 15, 2008, Cindy Anthony contacted law enforcement officials in Orlando, Florida, to report that she hadn’t seen her two-year-old granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, for 31 days. Five months later, the toddler’s skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area near the Anthony family’s residence. The lead investigator in that case recently decided to speak out about the little girl’s murder roughly 15 years after officials retrieved her body.

On December 11, Fox 35 Orlando published a brief report detailing their conversation with retired Orange County Sheriff’s Office crime scene investigator Gerardo Bloise. He told reporters he remembered the day he received the call to confirm whether a small skull in some woods might belong to Caylee Anthony.

Bloise said he hadn’t returned to that location since then but felt obligated to when asked by the news outlet as part of their coverage on the anniversary of that horrid discovery. He said he needed to show up to “honor” Caylee’s memory.

The former investigator related that memories came flooding back the instant he arrived at the location where Caylee’s remains were unceremoniously dumped inside a black bag. A makeshift memorial to the deceased child remains as a living reminder of prior events.

Bloise pointed to an area about 30 feet away and said that was where he found the girl’s skull. He described it as a “small human skull with… tape around [its] mouth and nose.” He recounted investigators finding the rest of her skeletal remains scattered throughout “different places in this area.”

Law enforcement officials arrested the two-year-old’s mother, Casey Anthony, for child neglect in July 2008. Later that year, prosecutors indicted her for aggravated manslaughter and child abuse charges. They also charged her with four counts of making false statements to investigators.

In July 2011, a jury acquitted Casey of first-degree murder and the manslaughter and child abuse charges after a six-week trial. However, they found her guilty of lying to police investigators. She was released a few days later after the court awarded her credit for time served awaiting trial.

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