Intelligence Warns US Mainland May Be Hezbollah Target

( – Hamas’ decision to launch a full-scale land, sea, and air assault on neighboring Israel in early October triggered long-standing concerns about the region. The continued fighting between the Palestinian Sunni Islamist group and the Jewish state has exacerbated fears among experts that the entire Middle East could become engulfed in all-out war.

Shortly after the October 7 attack, media outlets started reporting that Palestinian and Hezbollah militants had begun launching a series of small-scale attacks on Israel from Lebanon, the Jewish state’s northern neighbor, raising concerns about a regional conflict.

Making matters worse, the Shia Islamist militant group has ties to Iran spanning back to its origins in the wake of the 1982 Lebanon War. The radical organization based many of its structural features on the ones established by Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini following the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

A recent report indicated that US intelligence officials have subtly sent out warnings that the United States mainland could become a Hezbollah target in the immediate to near future.

Intelligence Insiders Warn of Possible Hezbollah Attack on US Soil

On January 10, POLITICO published a report detailing its recent discussions with unnamed US intelligence sources about an increasing risk of a strike against Americans abroad and at home by Lebanese Hezbollah militants. Four officials spoke with the media outlet on the condition of anonymity so they could talk freely about highly sensitive intelligence data.

The officials told POLITICO that Hezbollah militants would likely begin their attacks on Americans by targeting US personnel stationed in the Middle East. Additionally, newly gathered intelligence suggested the Iranian-backed militant group could be considering attacking both military and diplomatic personnel.

The unnamed sources also advised that the odds of an assault on United States soil were growing exponentially as tensions throughout the Middle East have escalated. One of the officials warned that “Hezbollah [assets] could draw on [their existing] capability […] to put people in places” to launch an attack on the US mainland. “It is something to be worried about,” the official concluded.

POLITICO reported that its sources declined to provide specific details regarding a potential attack on the Continental United States by Hezbollah assets. However, they advised that the militant group had capabilities beyond those of its counterparts in the Middle East.

The intelligence sources also cautioned that Hezbollah had already established an expansive international network. The group could easily use those assets to carry out attacks on US soil.

Troops in the Middle East Targeted

Exacerbating concerns, US troops stationed in the Middle East have already been targeted by other Iranian-backed groups. POLITICO estimated that Iranian proxies have launched “at least 127 attacks” on American troops stationed in Syria and Iraq since mid-October.

The Biden administration’s efforts to prevent the Israel/Hamas conflict from expanding would be derailed whether Hezbollah attacked American targets at home or abroad. Amid mounting concerns of US involvement in the Ukraine/Russia War and the presidential election looming around the corner, this potentially volatile situation could mark the beginning of the end of the Biden regime.

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