IDF Finds Terror Tunnel in Child’s Bedroom

( – During World War II and the Korean War, Americans saw images of the battlefield through newsreels shown at the local movie theaters. During the Vietnam era, it was brought into the living room during the nightly news while the first shots of Operation Desert Storm were seen live on CNN from Baghdad, Iraq.

With the advent of social media and the ability to instantly share stories worldwide, all one needs to do is open their X (formerly Twitter) page, click refresh every two minutes, and see the latest from the Gaza Strip or Ukraine. This is how the Israel Defense Force (IDF) was able to quickly show everyone their latest discovery in the city of Rafah.

Refuge of Cowards

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s proxy terrorist group Hamas showed the world just how brave its fighters are when they launched an unprovoked attack on unarmed civilians and engaged in a rampage of rape, kidnapping, and murder — to include young children. Next, they scurried back across the border like cockroaches before somebody’s boot came down upon their heads.

The recent IDF find is one that many in the United States find particularly abhorrent because children tend to be viewed as the most innocent among us and need to be protected. They shared pictures showing an entrance into the warren of tunnels Hamas has dug beneath most of the Gaza Strip. The entrance was discovered underneath a child’s bed and just below curtains adorned with the cartoon beagle Snoopy.

The IDF also shared on X a photograph of a school building within the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Nuseirat refugee camp located in central Gaza where they say “several Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists [had] embedded themselves.” Both of these are just the latest in a long string of the terrorists cowering behind noncombatants they use as human shields.

Many Leftists try to deny that Hamas uses the innocent to portray Israel in general and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in specific as genocidal monsters as the pro-terrorist demonstrations on college campuses across the country show. The Liberal Washington Post took the bold step of publishing a political cartoon showing the truth of the matter on November 5, 2023. However, woke staffers at the newspaper raised such a clamor that publishers were forced to take it down from the website but it can still be seen embedded in an article that Fox News wrote about the situation.

One of the Washington Post columnists, Jason Willick, wrote an op-ed shortly afterward where he laid out his reasoning on why the world “can’t ignore the truth” of what Hamas is up to. A cynical person might feign fainting at the concept of a Liberal reporter taking this position. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t be pretending considering just how rare this has become.

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