Heritage Foundation Fights to Keep Biden on Ticket

(RightWing.org) – Joe Biden performed terribly during the first presidential debate against Donald Trump on June 27. At times, he seemed confused and lost his train of thought. Mainstream media outlets reported that Democratic operatives and high-ranking party members immediately started discussing replacing him as the party’s nominee. However, the Heritage Foundation anticipated problems with Biden’s candidacy and already mounted an effort to keep him on the ticket.

On June 21, Mike Howell, the executive director of the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, distributed a memorandum to an unspecified group of individuals discussing the possibility that the “Biden family” might decide to withdraw his candidacy for a second term. The “emergency draft memo” asked whether Democrats could replace the President “if he freezes at the debate.” The attached memorandum explained that the answer “varies by state.”

The notice warned that “policymakers and the public” at large “should be aware of the contentious path ahead” if Biden withdraws from the race, “given the expected intensity of election integrity concerns” this year.

The main body of the memo discussed the well-documented concerns regarding Biden’s mental functioning. For support, the Oversight Project notice noted several excerpts from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s final report. Although he didn’t recommend filing any criminal charges, he did refer to Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory.” Hur cited several examples of Biden’s apparent cognitive dysfunction from his interview with the president.

The memo explained that three of six swing states vital for an election victory present “some potential for pre-election” legal challenges should Biden withdraw from the race. Those states include Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

As the Oversight Project noted, all three have “specific procedures for [the] withdrawal of a presidential nominee with [varying] degrees of applicability and timelines.” For instance, Wisconsin only allows a nominee to withdraw if they die. The others have specific deadlines for adding a new candidate to the ballot — which could result in Biden remaining on the ticket when voters go to the polling stations in November.

Political watchers maintain that the Trump campaign believes Biden is the person to beat in November. The Heritage Foundation, through its Oversight Project, aims to take whatever legal action is necessary to keep the president on the ticket.

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