Hayden Accused of Calling for Tuberville’s Assassination

(RightWing.org) – Former CIA Director Michael Hayden is facing scrutiny after endorsing violence against an elected official during an exchange on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter. Self-described Democrat Nathalie Jacoby shared a post asking whether Senator Tommy Tuberville should be ousted from the Senate Armed Services Committee. Hayden retorted, “How about the human race?”

Swift Backlash

The former CIA director’s comments shocked a number of users, many of whom accused him of calling for Tuberville’s assassination.

Mollie Hemingway, editor-in-chief for The Federalist, fired back by criticizing Hayden’s record on civil liberties. She also rebuked him for his involvement in the alleged Biden laptop coverup and the Trump-Russia investigation.

But Hemingway wasn’t the only person in the political arena to express anger over Hayden’s allegedly pointed attack. General Mike Flynn also called for the former director’s immediate arrest and expressed deep concern about how Hayden’s remarks would further erode trust in government institutions.

Comments continued to pour in over the course of the day and through the night. One user called for jail time, while another pointed out that it was unbecoming behavior for a military officer. Most seemed disturbed over Hayden’s lack of decorum.

Tuberville Responds

Senator Tuberville’s office was eventually made aware of the alleged threat and issued a statement on the matter early the next day. He condemned Hayden’s remarks as “disgusting” and “repugnant,” accusing him of committing a “serious crime.”

Tuberville also indicated that he had passed the information on to Capitol Police, who he expects to do an “excellent job” of handling the matter.

Hayden eventually replied, once again on X, lashing out at “MAGAnuts” for “losing their minds,” over his comments. He then wished the “intransigent” Tuberville a good day.

Trouble in Paradise

Much of the criticism surrounding Tuberville stems from his staunch opposition to a Pentagon policy covering out-of-state travel for service members seeking reproductive services, including abortions. That resistance is interfering with the typically rapid approval procedure used to promote military officers. Many now have to wait for a full vote on the Senate floor, significantly slowing down the process.

Critics argue that Tuberville’s refusal to play ball jeopardizes military planning, national security, and the career advancement of the officers left in limbo. In fact, Hayden himself signed an open letter from over 60 state department officials condemning the senator’s blockade back in August 2023.

Moreover, Tuberville’s confrontational style, especially on social media, often positions him at the heart of heated political debates. He is outspoken and stands firm on his opinions, many of which are polarizing in nature.

Yet, the very qualities that draw so much criticism toward Tuberville are exactly what endear him to his supporters. To them, he’s a breath of fresh air whose convictions don’t deserve violent rhetoric from others on the political playing field.

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