Harris Insider Reveals Her Worst Nightmare

(RightWing.org) – Ashley Etienne has a 23-year history working as a political advisor for Democratic politicians. She served as the communications director for Barack Obama’s cabinet, Nancy Pelosi, and Vice President Kamala Harris. In 2020, Brookings Institution senior fellow Norm Eisen described her as the Democrat’s “secret weapon in the war against [Donald] Trump.” The Biden administration advisor recently revealed Harris’ worst nightmare during a recent appearance on CNN.

On June 14, Etienne joined a group of panelists on CNN’s “Laura Coates Live” program. Coates started the discussion by noting that The New York Times recently reported that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was considering a potential running mate’s debate performances as a factor for joining him on the ticket.

Etienne thought that news meant the Trump campaign considered Harris “somewhat of a threat.” Harris’s former communications director pointed to the vice president’s years of courtroom experience representing the interests of clients and the State of California as a potential cause for concern. (Harris previously served as the state’s attorney general.)

Etienne said there’s an important factor to consider: Sen. JD Vance’s (R-OH) potential as the Trump campaign’s “greatest threat to Kamala Harris in some respects.” She explained that “he’s an incredible debater,” one who has “this quality that makes him appear palpable to [the] one to two percent” of potential undecided voters who “will actually pay attention to the debates.”

Etienne elaborated on her thought, noting that Vance is “super smart… sharp, and quick-witted.” She predicted that voters would like his debate performance, adding that she thought “it’s going to be a challenge” to observe Vance and Harris on the debate stage together. “Maybe it’s just me,” she said, “but I think [Vance] is going to be the greatest threat” to Harris and perhaps the Biden campaign.

Harris could end up being the person to beat in November. The latest polling average from 538/ABC News shows that only half of voters disapproved of her job performance, while 56.3% said the same about Biden. Biden’s composite net disapproval rating is even more bleak, at 18.1% and Harris’s at 10.5%.

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