Graham Speaks Out Against Biden

( – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has a long-standing history with President Joe Biden. The two men served together as lawmakers starting in 1995 and as fellow senators for six years, ending in 2009 when Biden began his tenure as Barack Obama’s second-in-command. In 2015, Graham referred to the vice president as being “as good a man as God ever created.” However, times have changed, and the South Carolina senator recently spoke out against his former colleague.

On March 10, Graham sat down for an interview with NBC News “Meet the Press” moderator Kristen Welker. The two discussed a wide range of topics, from the upcoming presidential election to the ongoing wars between Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Hamas.

Welker began by asking Graham about the recent hot-mic moment in which Biden was caught speaking out against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She asked the senator if he agreed with Biden’s claim that the Israeli leader was causing problems by not addressing the increasing “humanitarian crisis” plaguing the region.

Graham said he disagreed with the president, adding that Biden is wasting time discussing those kinds of issues when he should be talking about drawing a “red line” with Iran. Graham explained that Israel isn’t killing American soldiers — Iran is through its “proxies.” The senator said he thought Biden should “hold the great Satan, Iran, accountable” for killing US troops in Jordan and attacking American ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden through the rogue nation’s allies.

At one point, Graham told Welker that he was “worried” that Biden was “destroying the world,” adding that his policies were “bad for America.” Graham also said the president “has screwed the world up” in every way he could.

The South Carolina lawmaker cited the nation’s “broken borders,” proclaiming that “the world’s on fire,” thanks to Biden. He concluded that portion of the interview by warning American voters that they had a clear “choice between Trump and Biden.”

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