Gov. Sanders Would Refuse Role In Trump Admin

( – If Donald Trump wins November’s presidential election he’ll be looking for people to fill out his new administration. Unfortunately, he now has to cross one potential candidate off his list. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) says that even if Trump offers her a job, she’ll stay in the one she already has.

Under the first Trump administration, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, was appointed as deputy White House press secretary. When her boss, Sean Spicer, resigned in July 2017, Sanders moved up to become press secretary and held the job until June 2019. She went on to work for Fox News until she won Arkansas’s gubernatorial election in November 2022.

A strong supporter of the former president, Sanders would be an obvious candidate for a post in his administration. She’s stuck with him through all his challenges since he left office and endorsed him when he launched his 2024 campaign last year. Her name has even come up as a potential running mate. However, she’s just made it clear she’s not interested.

On June 23, Sanders gave an interview to “Talk Business & Politics,” and was asked if she’d accept a role in a new Trump administration. She quickly shut that down, saying “I love the job I have.” The governor went on to say she thinks “we’re doing really great things” in the state and said she wants to stay in that job for another six and a half years.

Sanders confirmed that she’s still backing Trump, saying there are “very few” people who’ve supported him as publicly and consistently as she has. She added that she’s “very confident” he’s heading for victory in November, pointing out that the country can now see Biden’s record in the White House and compare it with what Trump achieved during his term.

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