FDA Issues Urgent Toxic Metal Warning

(RightWing.org) – Although the year has barely begun, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued 87 safety alerts, market withdrawals, and recalls. The agency recently issued urgent toxic metal warnings involving cinnamon products.

On March 6, the FDA published details surrounding the voluntary recall of 2.25-ounce containers of Supreme Tradition Ground Cinnamon and 1.5-ounce packages of Marcum Ground Cinnamon. New Jersey-based Colonna Brothers manufactures both product lines. The announcement advised that those products contained elevated levels of lead.

The notice explained that the effects of lead exposure can vary widely depending on an individual’s age and body weight. For instance, children can suffer permanent damage from protracted exposure. Resulting conditions can include, but aren’t limited to, developmental defects and learning disabilities. Adults typically suffer from neurocognitive effects, hypertension, and kidney dysfunction.

The recall resulted from a targeted sampling program administered by the FDA on discount brands and not from any reported illnesses. Colonna Brothers participated in the testing program voluntarily.

Impacted products included Supreme Marcum Ground Cinnamon with listed “best by” dates of 04/06/2025 and 10/16/2025. The Supreme Tradition Ground Cinnamon products included the following dates: 04/12/2025, 04/17/2025, 04/21/2025, 08/24/2025, 09/22/2025, and 12/19/2025.

Anyone who bought those products can discard them or return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

The FDA also published details surrounding the voluntary recall of 127 cases of El Chilar Ground Cinnamon after determining it may contain traces of lead. The Florida-based company announced the recall after Maryland Department of Health officials collected random samples of the company’s 1.25-ounce packages. The resulting analysis discovered elevated levels of lead. A subsequent investigation determined that the contamination could result from “potentially adulterated” raw materials obtained by a supplier.

Consumers who purchased El Chilar Ground Cinnamon packages bearing lot codes EX1026, F272, EX1024, and D300 should immediately stop using those products and return them for a full refund to their place of purchase.

Lastly, the FDA published a notice discussing Illinois-based Raja Foods LLC’s recall of 3.5-ounce packages of Swad Cinnamon Powder after routine sampling discovered potential lead contamination. The products included in the recall include 3.5-ounce plastic bags from the following two batches: KX08123, Best Before March 2026, and KX21223, Best Before July 2026. Both bear the following UPC: 0-51179-34280-4. Consumers are urged to return recalled packages to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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