Experts Issue NEW Warnings as Popular Drink Leaves Several in ICU

( – The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regularly issues public notices, safety alerts, and recall notices regarding products the federal agency regulates. By the end of January, the FDA had already issued 32 recall notices. The government watchdog recently warned consumers about a popular beverage after its consumption led to the hospitalization of several individuals in those facilities’ intensive care units.

On November 21, 2023, the FDA issued a notice warning consumers not to purchase or use any products manufactured, distributed, or sold by Neptune Resources LLP containing tianeptine, a potentially dangerous energy-boosting supplement. The government agency hasn’t approved the compound for medical use, but companies illegally market it as a means of improving mental functioning and reducing pain, depression, and anxiety.

The FDA warned that it had received several reports of individuals experiencing “adverse events” like seizure and loss of consciousness after consuming Neptune’s Fix drinks and other products containing tianeptine. The agency also advised anyone experiencing an adverse reaction to those products to “seek immediate” medical assistance.

Then, on January 11, the FDA distributed a letter to service stations, convenience stores, and other businesses urging them to stop selling Neptune’s Fix drinks and all other tianeptine products. Twelve days later, Neptune Resources agreed to issue a voluntary recall of all lots of that product line.

On January 28, Neptune Resources issued a nationwide voluntary recall of all lots of its Neptune’s Fix drinks and tablets due to the undeclared presence of tianeptine in those products. The company claimed it hadn’t received any reports of “adverse events” related to those products despite the FDA’s previous notice that it had received several.

Likewise, media outlets like Daily Mail subsequently reported that New Jersey’s Poison Information and Educational System had received notices from New Jersey’s Poison Information System regarding the patients who ingested tianeptine. The Daily Mail also reported that doctors had to admit 13 individuals who reported they drank Neptune’s Fix to the ICU for emergency treatment last year.

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