Dem Seeks To Replace Biden As Party Nominee

( – President Biden’s catastrophic debate performance against Donald Trump has sparked panic in the Democratic Party. Senior liberals have suddenly realized that the president’s cognitive abilities are worrying voters. Now, a candidate he defeated for the Democrat nomination wants a second chance.

On June 11, Marianne Williamson formally suspended her campaign for the 2024 Democrat nomination after getting single-digit support in a string of primaries. Her withdrawal left Biden as the presumptive nominee. However, after the car crash of the June 27 debate between Biden and Trump, she’s changed her mind and wants to reactivate her campaign.

Since the debate, senior Democrats have been quietly urging Biden to consider standing down and allowing a younger candidate to step in. Even the liberal media is turning against him. There are growing fears that, with the president visibly fading, voters won’t want to risk giving him another four years in the White House. Williamson thinks that, as the last of Biden’s rivals to drop out of the race, she’s well placed to take over.

On July 2, Williamson released a statement saying that “the time is now for another Democratic candidate to take his place.” She called for the party to restart the process and said it should be “genuinely democratic” and not run by “behind-the-scenes players.” She also said she’d received half a million votes during the primary season — in fact, it was 473,761, significantly behind Representative Dead Phillips (D-MN), who dropped out of the race in March.

Williamson can relaunch her campaign, but she currently has no delegates for next month’s Democrat convention; Biden has 3,905. Unless the president agrees to step aside, which so far he’s refusing to do, there’s no chance of her winning the nomination; even if she did, could she beat Trump in November? It seems doubtful –- but with one of Biden’s rivals now openly willing to challenge him, the pressure on the president just stepped up.

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