Dan Schneider Breaks Silence as He Faces Allegations

(RightWing.org) – Dan Schneider was one of Nickelodeon’s (Nick’s) top live-action series creators for nearly 25 years. In March 2018, the children’s network and Schneider issued a joint statement announcing their decision to part company. The notice didn’t offer any background information, but media outlets reported that several staffers had claimed he abused them.

On March 19, Schneider posted an interview with former “iCarly” actor BooG!E on his YouTube channel. The two men discussed the recent airing of “Quiet on the Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV” on Discovery+, Investigation Discovery, and Max (formerly HBO Max).

The four-part docuseries detailed the reportedly toxic work environment behind the scenes of children’s television networks over twenty years ending in the 2010s. The program emphasized the allegations previously lodged against Schneider.

Schneider said it was “very difficult” to watch the documentary and face the consequences of his “past behaviors.” He related that he regretted his past actions and was embarrassed by them and conceded that he owed “some people a pretty strong apology” for his conduct.

Continuing, Schneider explained that he could observe the “hurt in some people’s eyes” as he viewed the docuseries. He said that realization made him “feel awful… regretful, and sorry” for his past behavior.

Schneider said he wished there was some way he could travel back in time and “do a better job,” particularly during his younger years. Likewise, he said he wished he had understood, particularly during the “earlier years” of his career, that it was never “okay to be an [expletive] to anyone, ever.”

The docuseries detailed some specific allegations of improper behavior, like claims that Schneider had asked crew members to give him massages on the program sets. He readily acknowledged the truth behind those reports and said he “was wrong [to have] ever put [someone] in that position.” Schneider claimed he wouldn’t do that to anyone today and was “embarrassed” that he did so in the past.

Schneider also apologized to anyone he ever “put in that situation in the past.” He also offered his regrets to other crew members who witnessed his regrettable behavior back then and “felt uncomfortable” about the situation.

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