China Urges US to Stop Supplying Weapons to Ukraine

( – China’s ambassador to the United Nations has called on the US to stop supplying arms to Ukraine. The communist envoy made the comments as he backed up Russia’s campaign to starve Ukraine of the weaponry it needs to resist Russia’s invasion. The irony is that China itself is supplying Russia with weapons — and is also worried about US arms deliveries to Taiwan.

UN Ambassador Sides With Putin

On February 12, the UN Security Council held a meeting to review the situation in Ukraine, where the war against the country’s Russian invaders is days from the end of its second year. Right now the war has ground down to a bloody stalemate, with Russia’s troops unable to seize any more land and Ukraine unable to drive the invaders back out.

The only thing keeping Ukraine’s outnumbered forces in the fight is a steady supply of advanced weapons from the West, with the US contributing around half of those. Russia would like that supply cut off; President Vladimir Putin is pushing for a negotiated settlement that would let him keep the ground his army has seized, and with US arms deliveries cut off he’d be able to seize a lot more before that time comes.

At the UN conference, Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the international organization, said “certain countries” — meaning the US — “should immediately stop pouring oil on the fire and stop undermining the diplomatic efforts of the international community.” He also repeated Russian propaganda claims that Ukraine (which has one-fifth of the population) is a threat to Russia’s security. Zhang also accused NATO (which unlike Russia hasn’t invaded Ukraine) of engaging in “the use of force” and “clamoring for war.”

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the US and its allies are arming Ukraine to defend its territory, while China is arming Russia to support its invasion. Beijing has sent thousands of shipments of military and dual-use goods to Russia since the war began. Trade between the two countries is at a record high despite China’s falling exports, and a huge increase in military shipments is driving that.

It’s likely China isn’t just taking this stance to help Russia. The communist regime is increasingly aggressive towards democratic Taiwan, which is largely equipped with US weapons. If Beijing decides to invade the island nation the biggest obstacle they face will be American arms. If they can pressure the US into ending its support for Ukraine, that will make them more confident of being able to cut off support for Taiwan too.

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