Carlson Shuts Down Reporter With Facts

( – Conservative media personality Tucker Carlson was challenged by an Australian reporter last week — but he shut her down with a devastating reply. Carlson was talking to the media in the Australian capital when the journalist accused him of promoting a conspiracy theory. His answer left her floundering.

On June 25, Carlson, the former Fox News presenter, spoke to journalists in Canberra, the Australian capital. As he took questions he was confronted by a reporter from the Australian Associated Press (AAP), who said he’d claimed on his show that white people in Australia, Europe, and the US were being replaced by non-white immigrants. She insisted he’d cited the “Great Replacement Theory” more than 4,000 times.

Carlson quickly replied, pointing out that he’s never said whites are being replaced. When she continued to say he had, he simply asked her for a citation to prove it — then he rammed the point home, saying “I’ve never said that whites are being replaced, not one time. And you can’t cite it.”

The reporter rallied and said she believed that wasn’t true; at that point, Carlson started to run out of patience and said her dishonesty “makes it tough to be friends.” He explained that he believed a government should make the people born in the country its top priority, whatever color they are, and warned her about calling him a racist. When she said she hadn’t, he pointed out she was suggesting it and blasted “people like [her] in the media” whose “slurs are all by implication.”

Defeated, the hapless journalist changed tack and started accusing Carlson of having provoked mass shootings. The irritated host smacked her down hard, asking “How do they get people this stupid in the media?” Then he apologized, saying he didn’t mean to call her stupid and “maybe you’re just pretending to be.” After that, she continued to bluster for a couple more minutes, but it was obvious who’d won the exchange.

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