Biden’s New Staffer’s Dark Past Exposed

( – President Biden has just appointed a new senior communications staffer — and sparked a conservative backlash. Tyler Cherry is what you’d get if you mixed up every far-left prejudice and stereotype. By bringing him onto his White House team, Biden has opened himself up to new attacks from his political opponents.

On June 17, Tyler Cherry was announced as the new White House associate communications director, a big step up from his previous job at the Department of the Interior. It wasn’t long before worried conservatives started finding evidence the replacement for Maria Michalos, who is leaving the White House media team this month, has come out with some worryingly extreme statements on social media.

In 2014, Cherry posted on Twitter that he was Cheersing in bars to end the occupation of Palestine,” and added the hashtags #ISupportGaza and #FreePalestine. That doesn’t chime well with Biden’s support for Israel since Hamas terrorists attacked the Jewish state last year.

A year later, Cherry was back on Twitter comparing US police to pre-Civil War slave patrols in the old South and voter ID policies to a poll tax. Then he blasted the US as a racist “capitalistic police state.”

In another 2015 tweet, he again attacked the police, saying “The modern day police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs.” The idea that policing in the US descends from slave patrols is common on the extreme left, but has no basis in reality; US police forces were either based on London’s Metropolitan Police or the common law sheriff system.

Another of Cherry’s obsessions was trawling social media for photos of crowds, then complaining that there were too many white people in them.

Now that he has a high-profile position in the White House, Cherry is trying to erase his past. On June 23 his account on X (formerly Twitter) had almost 2,500 posts on it. Now it has one, which says his extremist statements “do not reflect” his current opinions.

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