Biden Breaks Pledge to Negotiate for Hostages

( – President Joe Biden is under fire after his optimistic predictions of a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war seem to have collapsed. In late February, Biden, who’s under pressure from pro-Palestinian leftists in his own party, said a deal could be reached by the first Monday in March and a ceasefire could happen by the start of the Muslim festival of Ramadan. However, he’s also tried to win mainstream support by getting Israeli hostages released. Now it’s clear Hamas won’t do that on acceptable terms.

On February 27, Biden, who’s been pressing Israel to make concessions to Hamas in the hope that will calm the left wing of the Democratic Party, said he wanted a ceasefire deal in place by March 4 in exchange for Hamas releasing the 101 Israelis abducted on October 7, 2023, it’s still holding hostage. Hopes of that happening quickly fell apart, though; Hamas is now insisting it will only release the hostages once Israel pulls its troops out of Gaza and brings a permanent end to the war.

The problem is, at this point, Israel isn’t interested in any end to the war that leaves Hamas in control of Gaza and with large parts of its terrorist machine still intact. The Jewish state is willing to agree to a temporary ceasefire — probably lasting around six weeks — in exchange for getting its abducted citizens back, but it’s determined to remove Hamas from power.

That sentiment is understandable, as the terrorist group has pledged to keep repeating the October 7 atrocities. Just to complicate matters, Hamas is refusing to even say how many of the hostages are still alive; they, and Biden, apparently want Israel to buy a pig in a poke.

Biden is suffering badly from the war; on February 27, the same day he pledged to secure a ceasefire, 16% of Michigan primary voters marked themselves “unaffiliated” in protest at his support for Israel. He wants the fighting to stop to help prop up his faltering election campaign. But Israel wants its people back and the Hamas threat removed — and it doesn’t care about Biden’s hopes for a second term.

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