Biden Accused of Rewarding Hamas Tactics

( – President Biden is trying to pull back his support for Israel to placate the left of his party. Now he’s facing a backlash from the other direction. A GOP senator has just accused him of rewarding terror group Hamas for their illegal use of human shields.

On May 8, the Defense Department confirmed that the Biden administration had canceled a shipment of weapons to Israel. Biden apparently ordered the move because the Jewish state hadn’t “fully addressed” US “concerns” about its planned operation to capture Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip.

Israel believes that if it doesn’t capture the city, enough of Hamas’s political and terrorist structure will survive to leave a continuing threat of another massacre like October 7, 2023. Biden, however, seems to be focused on winning the votes of anti-Israel Liberals.

On May 12, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” and discussed the weapons crisis. He urged the administration to “keep the weapons flowing and work out a plan.” Graham also said he’d spoken to Israelis and they’re trying to negotiate with the White House. He warned, “Do not let Bernie Sanders run this war,” and said Senator Sanders (I-VT) and the far-left “Squad” of House Democrats are “insane.” Sanders recently said Israel shouldn’t be getting any US military aid at all.

Graham went on to point out that Israel faces an existential threat. Comparing the war in Gaza to the US use of atomic bombs in WWII, he said we destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki because that was “a war that we couldn’t afford to lose.” Urging the administration to give Israel what it needs to complete the destruction of Hamas. He said the Jewish state is also in a war it can’t afford to lose because its enemies openly call for the death of all Jews.

He pointed out that Israel’s military does everything it can to minimize civilian casualties, and abandoning them now rewards Hamas for deliberately endangering civilians by hiding among them.

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