Bernie Sanders Speaks Out on Netanyahu and US in Gaza

( – Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has slammed Israel’s prime minister over the ongoing war in Gaza. Sanders, who has called on the US to cut arms shipments to Israel, called Benjamin Netanyahu’s government “extremist” and said it needs to step aside to end the war. He also hinted that the US is “complicit” in civilian casualties in Gaza.

On March 10, Sanders appeared on CBS’s “Face The Nation” and discussed the Israel-Hamas war with host Margaret Brennan. The far-left senator, who has been criticizing US support to Israel for months, blasted the government for its history of military aid, condemned plans to send the Jewish state another $10 billion, and said there’s no point asking Netanyahu to end the war if we’re going to send him weapons anyway.

Brennan then asked if it was possible to have a ceasefire with Hamas, a group dedicated to destroying the Jewish state. Sanders compared the Iran-backed terrorist organization with Netanyahu’s government, “which is dedicated to destroying Hamas,” as if the two goals are equally evil. He then said there can’t be peace as long as Hamas runs Gaza and Netanyahu runs Israel.

Although the Biden administration has continued to send arms to Israel, President Biden is increasingly hostile to Netanyahu and his ruling Likud party. The Israeli government is now claiming Biden is trying to push the prime minister out of office — and it isn’t happy.

In a statement released to Israeli media by an unknown “senior official,” possibly Netanyahu himself, the country insisted it isn’t “a protectorate of the US” and the prime minister is elected by “Israeli citizens, and not anyone else.”

While Netanyahu’s popularity has collapsed after many blamed the October 7 massacre on his complacency, if Israelis believe the US is trying to change their government they’re likely to rally around the prime minister. Sanders’s latest comments aren’t going to help.

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