Armed Civilian Shoots Terrorist in Jerusalem

( – Palestinian terrorists have launched a deadly attack in the West Bank, near Jerusalem. Three gunmen recently opened fire on cars near an Israeli checkpoint and shot a dozen people, one of them fatally. However, they were prevented from killing more by an armed bystander who intervened, killing one of the assailants.

On February 22, three Palestinian terrorists opened fire on cars waiting at a military checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim, a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. A 26-year-old Israeli man was killed and ten others, including a pregnant woman, were wounded.

As bad as the attack was, though, it would have been a lot worse if Hananya Ben Shimon hadn’t been in one of the waiting cars. Twenty-three-year-old Shimon is an Israeli Army reservist who served in a tank unit in Gaza but was demobilized a week and a half before the terror attack in October. Now he’s back in his civilian job as a security guard who protects tourists in the Jerusalem area — and he carries a handgun at work.

Shimon was at the checkpoint on his way to work when the terrorists attacked. Seeing a gunman off to his left he responded, firing a round through the window of his car before getting out and continuing to engage the attackers. He went on to kill one of them, interfering with the attack.

At that point he became a target for the two survivors, and was hit twice; his father told reporters that he was shot in the leg and stomach, and has broken bones but no serious internal injuries. Police from the checkpoint then joined the battle, killing a second terrorist and seriously wounding the third.

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir visited the scene after the attack and praised Shimon and the police for stopping it. He also highlighted his policy of arming as many civilians as possible, saying “I think that today, everyone understands that guns save lives.”

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