All Eyes on Netanyahu in Wake of Accidental Hostage Killing

( – On October 7, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s terrorist proxy in the Gaza Strip known as Hamas swarmed into Israel butchering and kidnapping unarmed innocent civilians. Since then, they have used their tried and true “strategy” of using hostages and other noncombatants as human shields and/or bargaining chips, and it is possible that it played a part in a situation that has, at least purportedly, increased both domestic and international pressure upon Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Fog of War

In what can only be described as a tragedy, three hostages being held by Iran’s allies in Gaza were killed by Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers during a recent battle. Compounding that is the report that they had been carrying a white flag on a pole, the internationally recognized signal for a truce or surrender.

Adding to the confusion faced by the Israeli forces with their boots on the ground can be found in Hamas’s method of trying to duck responsibility for the brutality that they unleashed. As noted in a bipartisan resolution introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) — along with three Republican and two Democrat cosponsors — “[the terrorists have] routinely and unabashedly used innocent civilians to shield their weapons and terrorist militants from legitimate military engagement… [which is] both a violation of humanitarian law and an egregious war crime.”

The Daily Mail news outlet published an exclusive article where they spoke to three female IDF drone pilots who told them they had witnessed the oh-so-brave Hamas fighters changing into women’s clothing and carrying children in their arms so that they would not be attacked. None of this, however, has stopped the Left-leaning media such as the New York Times from publishing articles such as the December 17 piece by Steven Erlanger and laying the blame at the feet of Netanyahu.

Erlanger, who, as far back as 2006 has allegedly been very anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian in his rhetoric, denounced “the actions of Israeli soldiers who killed hostages, rather than rescue them,” discounting any other factors that may have been at play. As IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus has said, it appears that the soldiers in question acted out of confusion, believing it was Hamas terrorists using more trickery.

The “journalist” also made the claim that the PM’s “grip on power seems shakier than ever,” however, it seems he may not have checked with one of the most important sources who would be in the know on that topic. Yair Lapid, the current opposition leader in the Knesset and former Prime Minister of the country, has reportedly had a series of phone calls with American Democrat lawmakers and has informed them in no uncertain terms of the rock-solid support of Netanyahu.

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