Zelenskyy Proud of New Drone Army’s Growth

(RightWing.org) – Ever since President Vladimir Putin sent his Russian forces over the Ukrainian border in February 2022, the invaded country has been playing defense in the war. Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, leads his country with a firm resolve and a willingness to accept help from anywhere he can get it. He’s gotten assistance from the US, the UK, and many other countries, and that aid often comes in the form of weaponry. However, Ukraine is now boasting about some of its own technology and how they are using it against its enemy.

Drones for Days

On Tuesday, July 25, during his daily video address to his people, Zelenskyy told them about an event he had attended that day where government officials updated him on the country’s drone program — one they’ve been developing for a year now. However, he quickly pointed out, “It is not a project, but a real Ukrainian drone army.”

Zelenskyy said the presentation also included donors and was given by designers and manufacturers in addition to government officials. He also claims they are working on different types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — from short to long-range models — but that “defense absolutely needs all drones.”

This situation is a significant development for the invaded nation because long-range drones allow them to take the fight to Russian soil. It also means they no longer have to rely on the goodwill and largess of countries like the US that are finding it increasingly hard to justify giving equipment away when their own people are struggling with inflation and other economic challenges.

Where the Drones Are Going

The drones Zelenskyy talked about are not just for show. As he said in his address, “But there are results, and this can be seen in the news.” They are reportedly being used in the Crimean region and on targets inside Russia as Ukraine goes on the offense. For instance, drone attacks were carried out in Moscow and Crimea on Monday, July 24. CNN quoted a Ukrainian Defense Intelligence official who claimed the Ministry of Defense was responsible for the attack.

While Putin may have assumed his victory would come fast and easy when he invaded Ukraine, the resolve of the Ukrainian people has proven that assumption false. With the new drone army taking shape and Zelenskyy promising, “There will be more good news with Ukrainian drones,” this war could be far from over.

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