Zeldin And Omar Take Feud To The Media

Zeldin And Omar Take Feud To The Media
Zeldin And Omar Take Feud To The Media

Politics can be a rough business, and that’s certainly been showing recently in a growing online spat between Congressman Lee Zeldin and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Starting out on Twitter, now it’s getting an airing on national media – and it’s throwing up some scary facts about Omar.


Recent social media disagreements between Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY)  and newcomer Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) seem to have escalated last weekend, with Zeldin using a Fox News interview to highlight his issues with the firebrand from Minnesota.

  • The dispute began when Omar was appointed to the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Zeldin expressed concerns that someone with a well-known dislike of Israel was serving on a committee that plays a key role in relations with America’s allies.
  • Omar responded to Zeldin’s comments by accusing him of being a bully, although it’s normal for politicians to state concerns like this – there’s no democracy in the world where disagreeing with someone’s politics is unacceptable.
  • To illustrate what is unacceptable in a democracy, Zeldin released an anti-Semitic voicemail received by his office last week – the caller told Zeldin, who is Jewish, “I wish Hitler would have done his f***ing job.”
  • Omar claimed that she receives similar messages and suggested she and Zeldin meet up to “share notes on how to fight religious discrimination.”
  • Talking on Fox and Friends on Sunday, Zeldin explained exactly why he’s so concerned about Omar having a foreign policy role. She openly supports the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement, which was formed to destroy Israel as a Jewish state and is regularly accused of supporting – and being supported by – anti-Semitic extremists..
  • Zeldin said that BDS goes far beyond criticizing the policies of the Israeli government; it’s crossed the line into blatant anti-Semitism, which is one of the problems American foreign policy is supposed to be combatting.
  • Fox inteviewer Ed Henry asked Zeldin if he’d be willing to “bridge the divide” between him and Omar. Humorously offering to bring some knishes with him, Zeldin said he was always happy to find common ground with colleagues, whatever their politics.
  • Zeldin continued, “But this BDS movement is one that needs to be crushed. You can’t elevate anti-Semitism, you can’t empower it, you need crush it. And House Democrats should pass House Resolution 72 to show that they are against anti-Semitism as much as I am.”
  • Given Omar’s vocal support for BDS, it doesn’t look like she’ll be finding common ground with Zeldin anytime soon.