You Can Save the USPS

You Can Save the USPS

( – There’s panic at the United States Postal Service (USPS) after President Trump blocked a $13-billion handout Democrats were trying to add to the next coronavirus stimulus package. The direct grant would be in addition to a $10 billion loan that’s part of the third stimulus package already. The question is, is a bailout the government’s job, or should we the people be helping out?

Postal Service bosses told Congress, without government funding, USPS would be “financially illiquid” — in other words, broke — by September 30. The main issue is it’s continuing its regular deliveries of personal mail, medical prescriptions and parcels, but its main sources of revenue have dried up during the lockdown. The USPS makes money delivering first-class and marketing mail, and those have fallen off a cliff.

The Trump administration has been working hard to encourage USPS to improve its business model for years now. An increasing part of its business is delivering for mail-order companies like Amazon. The president says these companies need to pay USPS more to deliver their packages — a move that would generate huge revenue for the struggling agency.

In the meantime, you can help the Post Office by contributing to its revenue. Buy stamps, mail postcards, letters or cards to friends and family you miss. Every little bit will help keep the USPS afloat.

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