Yet Another Biden Admin Official With a Hypocritical Appointment

( – One of President Biden’s nominees has recently been confirmed as commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This is a key role responsible for making sure Americans aren’t discriminated against for their race, sex, age or other characteristics when they apply for a job. There’s just one problem with the new appointment; Biden’s choice will be responsible for eradicating discrimination, but she has a history of supporting it.

Biden Appoints Radical Lawyer

The EEOC was set up by the 1964 Civil Rights Act and has the authority to investigate and prosecute allegations of discrimination in hiring. It’s a powerful and influential agency whose commissioner has wide powers to bring charges against an employer even if no employees have made a complaint. Obviously, that commissioner has to be of immaculate integrity, with no suspicion they might abuse their powers.

The post of EEOC commissioner has been vacant since November 2022, but Biden’s nominee, Kalpana Kotagal, has finally made it through the confirmation process. On July 13, the Senate voted 49-47 to appoint her to the post. Now the UPenn law graduate is responsible for enforcing our anti-discrimination laws.

Kotagal is certainly an expert in the field of discrimination law. As a lawyer, her specialties were Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the section that deals with discrimination in voting, schools and employment; the 1963 Equal Pay Act; and the growing area of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). She knows the law — but can she be trusted to enforce it equally?

Kotagal Is a Liberal Activist

Kotagal is an activist lawyer. She’s represented transgender activists, forcing health insurers to pay for breast implants for men. She regularly writes left-wing articles in major newspapers, including the Washington Post. She also sits on the board of her alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, as part of its DEI team.

Kotagal’s biggest claim to fame so far is creating the so-called “inclusion rider.” This is a new concept in media industry contracts that specifies set levels of diversity in casting and staff. These riders, which Kotagal co-created with law professor Stacy L Smith, force studios to include, for example, a certain percentage of black actors in a movie — even if that goes against the historical context the movie is set in. If you want to know why Netflix casts black actresses as 19th-Century British queens, this might be the reason.

Now, with Kotagal heading the EEOC, she isn’t confined to making the movie industry cast a Latina Snow White. She can use the full power of federal employment law to force businesses to toe the DEI line. Fair-minded Americans believe civil rights means the best-qualified person should get the job, whatever color they are. Unfortunately, the person who’s now in charge believes a certain percentage of jobs should go to minorities, no matter how good they are.

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