Yang’s Fundraising Reveals DNC’s Weakness

Yang's Fundraising Reveals DNC's Weakness

DNC candidate Andrew Yang raised $750,000 in a single day during one of his latest fundraising pushes. Beyond stating that November was nearly over, there was no special motivation or “donate before our campaign goes under” tactic that candidates like Julián Castro love so much.

Nick Ryan, Yang’s campaign manager, commented on the matter:

“I think what was so cool about this was all it took was ‘This is the end of the month’ and the campaign [saying]: ‘Hey, we’re small dollars [powered] here. Just putting that through a lot of organic channels, not having to drum up any sort of event around it, and we have a base that goes above and beyond.”

-Nick Ryan

$750,000 in a single day is an impressive feat for an underdog in the 2020 presidential race. More than 18,000 donors pitched in an average of $41 to meet that goal. It’s proof that Yang’s fundraising capabilities have grown a great deal since the start of 2019; he pulled in $2.8 million during Q2.

However, comparing Yang’s numbers to the DNC’s funds shows how weak the Democrats truly are.

The DNC’s Q3 tally was anemic compared to the RNC’s funds and, as confirmed during the latest debate, continues to be lackluster. Yang brought home a total of $10 million in Q3 while the DNC only had $9 million left in the bank by the end of July.

It’s clear that businessmen, like Trump and Yang, can have more influence on politics than actual politicians. If a small-time business entrepreneur can grow exponentially while the DNC continues to stagnate, then what future does that spell for the Democratic party?

Of course, the primary difference between President Trump and Andrew Yang is the DNC candidate’s obsession with handing out “free” stuff to everyone. Trump turned our country around with hard work and his expertise in the business world. Yang still can’t hold a candle to the man who made America great again.

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