#YangGang Isn’t Giving Up

#YangGang Isn't Giving Up

(RightWing.org) – Many candidates have dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary race so far. The field of 20 presidential hopefuls has now thinned down to just eight, though not all of those have made it to every debate. Andrew Yang was the latest to leave the competition after his dismal performances in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Yang’s departure from the race hasn’t stopped some of his fan base from campaigning and voting for him, though.

Few presidential candidates have a fan base as loyal and passionate as Yang. While he’s announced that he’s running again in 2024, the successful entrepreneur is trying to transform his 2020 presidential campaign into a grassroots movement. His aim is to spread the word about his message and to live up to his slogan “Humanity First.”

Whether his die-hard base will go along with Yang’s vision for 2024 or remain stubborn and write his name in this November remains to be seen.

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