World Economic Forum Wants the End of Private Car Ownership

World Economic Forum Wants the End of Private Car Ownership

They’re Calling For The END Of Private Car Ownership.

( – The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a global lobbying organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. According to its mission statement, the group strives to shape global and industrial agendas. The WEF recently added the goal of promoting a transition from private car “ownership to usership.”

On July 18, the WEF published a report detailing its plan to reduce the international demand for critical metals. The paper also called for a “clean energy revolution” to attain that goal by promoting what it called “mindset changes” — by getting people to use fewer things. The WEF tried to make a case for the plan by pointing out that 39% of global workers already use employer-provided laptops and mobile phones in addition to personal ones, and that on average, cars in England are only in use 4% of the time.

One of the shifts included in the WEF report included reducing the need for private car ownership by using so-called “car-sharing” services like BlueSG, which operates out of Singapore.

If you think this sounds like some far-fetched European notion, you might want to think again. The WEF already has an office in New York City and recently launched a center for advanced manufacturing in Michigan as part of its Fourth Industrial Revolution program.

The private sector is already involved as well. For instance, an online car-sharing service called Getaround has been operating in the US for 12 years. The company even promotes using its vehicles for prospective Uber drivers who don’t own cars.

If that isn’t enough, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released its 10-point plan to reduce oil demand by reducing speed limits, promoting public transportation services, and “car-free Sundays.” And, if you’re wondering, the US is an IEA member.

What do you think about the idea of giving up your family car?

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