Woman Denied Transplant Over Vaccination Status

Woman Denied Transplant Over Vaccination Status

(RightWing.org) – A Colorado woman has been told she’ll be denied a life-saving kidney transplant unless she gets vaccinated against COVID-19. It’s the latest in a series of increasingly draconian assaults on our freedom to make healthcare decisions.

Leilani Lutali is a Colorado resident who’s currently suffering from Stage 5 – end stage – kidney failure. Without a transplant, she’ll need regular dialysis for the rest of her life. Then, ten months ago, she met Jaimee Fougner at a Bible study group – and Fougner agreed to donate a kidney. In August, Lutali confirmed with the University of Colorado Hospital that COVID vaccination wasn’t a prerequisite for the transplant operation, but now the hospital has changed its mind.

On September 28, Lutali received a letter from UCHealth telling her they’ve designated her “inactive” on the transplant waiting list. If she and Fougner don’t get their first vaccinations within 30 days, UCHealth will remove her from it completely.

Fougner refuses vaccination on religious grounds; Lutali simply doesn’t believe there’s been enough study into the vaccines yet. Both should have the freedom to make this decision for themselves. However, now hospitals feel they can withhold essential treatment to coerce people into vaccination against their will.

Lutali and Fougner aren’t caving in, though; instead, they’re looking for a hospital outside Colorado that will respect their rights.

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