Williamson Latest Victim of Fake News

Williamson Latest Victim of Fake News

While a little humorous, this is another example of the danger of fake news and how it can destroy meaningful discourse.

A website built on political satire, MoronMajority.com, posted a false story regarding President Trump last month. The article stated that the president had recently pardoned the sociopathic cult leader Charles Manson. Manson, of course, died in 2017.

As distasteful as this “humor” is, it gets worse.

Daily Kos, a far-left news site, picked up the story while failing to label it as satire. Then, Marrianne Williamson picked up the narrative and ran with it straight to Twitter. Below is a screenshot of her original tweet.

Williamson later deleted the tweet after receiving backlash from fact-checkers.

Although this story turned out to be inconsequential, imagine what could have happened if a more substantive piece of false information was disseminated across the internet.

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