Will Democrats Attempt to Impeach Justice Barrett?

Will Democrats Attempt to Impeach Justice Barrett?

(RightWing.org) – Democrats have a slobbering love affair with the idea of impeachment. As soon as President Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017, Democrats were already calling for his ouster. They wanted to remove him over the Russian collusion hoax, but the facts fell apart on them. Then, they impeached him for asking the president of Ukraine to look into former vice president Joe Biden’s alleged corruption. That’s currently playing itself out with a lot of evidence to suggest Trump was right.

Now, some are already talking about impeaching new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

It appears when Democrats can’t get what they want, either legislatively or through voting, they turn to this alternative to exact revenge. In President Trump’s first term, he did what few presidents before him had an opportunity to do — tilt the court in one term. Now that the court is a solid 6-3 conservative majority, and we’re in the middle of an election, words are intensifying.

What’s the Concern?

During Barrett’s confirmation hearings, Democrats continually asked if she would recuse herself from any case that might involve the 2020 election. Barrett refused to answer the question. She cited the process that justices go through to come to a determination and said she would follow the process. That likely means Barrett will not recuse herself.

That had Democrats in a tizzy.

PBS Host Alexander Heffner wrote that if Democrats win the Senate in Tuesday’s election, they should impeach Justice Barrett. He argued that the new conservative majority represents an “extreme minority.” He added that a “tyranny of the minority would fundamentally alter the American Republic, and diminish the rights of the majority…”

For one, that’s hardly true. According to Gallup, the US is a center-right country. The January 2020 poll stated that in 2019, 37% of Americans identified as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 24% as liberal. Yet, liberals would have America believe that they are the majority, as expressed by Heffner. Additionally, if conservatives are the majority, how can they be a tyranny against themselves, as he suggests?

Is Impeachment Likely?

Even if the Democrats win the Senate, their majority will be razer thin. It’s hard to imagine that a two-seat majority will have enough votes to impeach the justice, which brings us to the real issues Democrats are advocating for:

  1. Delegitimizing the court
  2. Packing the court

Democrats hope that they can force the court to think twice about ruling in favor of conservative causes by delegitimizing them. That is a dark and pessimistic road to take filled with devastating consequences. Yet, some on the far left won’t care and won’t be able to help themselves. However, their attempts to smear the court won’t impact their rulings. Justices consider the Constitution and the law, not public opinion or political sway.

The real issue would be court-packing. What Democrats are saying and doing is a setup to add at least one more judge to counter Barrett, but likely two. If they are able to tilt the court back by adding liberal justices, it will be worth it to them. However, this strategy is also filled with potential roadblocks and pitfalls. Republicans will, at some point, be in the majority, and they too could have the power to swing things back to where they are now or add more justices of their own.

It could be a vicious political cycle.

Talk of Impeachment Could Be for Nothing

All of this talk could be moot. If President Trump wins and Democrats take the majority in the Senate, they won’t have enough votes to override a veto. If Trump wins and Republicans hold the Senate, it’s not just moot, it’s nigh on to impossible.

Stay tuned, folks. The election results will determine what happens next.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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