Wikipedia Flags Wannabe VP’s Page, Here’s Why

Wikipedia Flags VP Hopeful's Page After Extreme Editing

( – Kamala Harris is on the shortlist for Joe Biden’s election ticket, and it seems like at least one of her supporters – or staff – is doing all they can to polish her public image before the decision is made. Harris’s Wikipedia page has seen a sudden surge in edits, all of them highly favorable and some of them only distantly related to the truth.


Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is a prominent politician, so it’s natural that she has an entry in Wikipedia – “The free encyclopedia anyone can edit.” But how accurate is that entry?

  • For better or worse, Wikipedia has become the go-to resource for many people. Although the information on Wikipedia itself is often slanted by the biases of the last person to edit it, it’s a good place to find a list of more reliable sources.
  • With Kamala Harris now being talked about as a possible running mate for Joe Biden, her page is coming under more scrutiny as people read up on the woman who could be the next vice president – and it’s become obvious that this page is seeing some rapid and extensive revision.
  • Since May 9 there have been more than 500 revisions to Harris’s page, with most of them being the work of a single account. This account claimed on the talk page that they’re “not a Democratic operative” – but every one of their close to 3,000 edits on various pages has been about Democrat candidates for the upcoming election.
  • It’s notable that all of this person’s edits have been highly favorable to Harris, focusing on adding positive material about her and removing anything that might reduce her popularity, especially among the far left.
  • A particular focus has been on Harris’s record as a prosecutor. In her seven-year tenure as San Francisco’s district attorney, Harris built a reputation as an aggressive prosecutor who pushed the city’s felony conviction rate to a ten-year high.
  • At one point almost all references to Harris’s legal career had been expunged from the article. Most of them have now been reinstated after other editors noticed the whitewashing and moderators placed the page under special protection. The prolific editor has been asked to leave it alone, but other pro-Harris editors are now joining in.

There’s a track record of politicians having their Wikipedia entries highly polished just before they were selected as vice-presidential candidates. This happened for Sarah Palin in 2008 and Tim Kaine in 2016. Is the sudden activity on Harris’s page just left-wing propaganda, or has Biden already picked her and wants her image buffed before the announcement?

Only time will tell.

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