Why Millennials Will Drive Up Prices

Why Millennials Will Drive Up Prices

Nearly everything revolves around money in America. Your bills don’t pay themselves and there’s no such thing as a free lunch (maybe there is according to socialists — but that’s another story). But, even with a booming economy under the Trump administration, financial responsibility is of the utmost importance for all Americans to practice.

Unfortunately, a recent study at Yale and George Mason University shows that the naivete of millennials could drive up utility prices for everyone.

According to the survey, 47% of respondents said they’re willing to pay twice as much for electricity generated from 100% renewable sources. Most of that 47% were younger, city-dwellers, and either “moderate” or liberal Democrats. Check out the full report here.

It seems that, somehow, hyper-Liberal ideologies have ruined whatever financially responsible principles we originally instilled in our youth. Consumers typically bargain for lower prices on goods and services instead of openly stating they’re willing to pay more.

This shocking reveal brings up an important question: If millennials are willing to pay twice as much on their utility bills, then who else is potentially ripping them off?

This isn’t an issue that solely affects the younger generation. The prices everyone pays for some goods and services could be artificially inflated thanks to Liberal millennials who can’t manage their money. So, be sure to double (or triple) check your next purchase to ensure you’re not paying for their stupidity!

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