Why Is the Media Obsessed With Labeling Trump a Racist?

Why Is the Media Obsessed With Labeling Trump a Racist?

(RightWing.org) – Once again, the media has committed malpractice and failed to communicate what President Donald Trump said, and did, regarding racism and white supremacy. It started all over again during the presidential debate between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday night, September 29. A 90-second segment turned into a watershed moment for liberal activists, Democrats, and the media.

It was only a few simple words that triggered them: “Stand back and stand by.”

The hysteria and hyperbole that followed were predictable.

It’s unmistakable that the president has denounced white supremacy and racism. He said it during the debate. Just last week, the president released what he calls the “platinum plan.” It’s designed to show black America how he will support them in a second term. In it, Trump condemned the Klu Klux Klan, and called for the KKK to be prosecuted as domestic terrorists.

How many news outlets reported the president’s declaration?

Unfortunately, the president could have ended the charge at the debate if he would have mentioned his record and aspirations for the black community.

The Moment That Triggered the Media and Democrats

During the debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked the president to condemn supremacists and militia groups, adding that they need to stand down and stop violent acts. The president’s response was an agreement with Wallace. He even used Wallace’s words. Yet, that’s not what they took away from the moment.

Trump asked who he should condemn. That’s when Biden interjected and said the Proud Boys.

Even days after the debate, the media is still going crazy over it as they try to create another Charlottesville-style narrative against Trump. In 2017, the media and Democrats took him out of context and accused him of siding with white supremacists. Trump condemned white supremacy and racism, yet the media refused to report it and continued to allow Democrats to run with the narrative.

Who Are the Proud Boys?

On Wednesday, Trump said he meant to say the Proud Boys, and every racist group, needed to stand down and allow law enforcement to do their work. During the debate, it was apparent Trump didn’t know who they were, and he said just that on Wednesday and Thursday. However, that doesn’t matter to the media and Democrats who are exploiting racial issues for political benefit.

According to Wilfred Reilly, a black professor of political science at Kentucky State University, the Proud Boys are not white supremacists. The group’s international chairman, Enrique Tarrio, is black. Reilly said the approximately 10% to 20% of the activist group comprises people of color.

The Proud Boys are many things. However, a group comprised of up to 20% of people of color, led by a person of color, isn’t a white supremacy group.

What Is This Really About?

It’s about politics. Plain and simple. In 2016, then-candidate Trump challenged the black community. He asked them, “what do you have to lose?” In recent public polling, Trump has been gaining ground on the black vote, especially among black men.

Some polls have him near or above 20% approval in the black community. Internal polling among the two presidential campaigns might be even higher. If that’s the case, then Trump will likely win re-election.

Democrats and the media are throwing the racism book at Trump, hoping that it sticks and that black voters will either not turn out or vote for Trump. It’s their own unique form of voter suppression they love to accuse Republicans of doing. Unfortunately, the president leaves room for the media and Democrats to exploit his words.

Will it work?

It’s too early to know. However, if recent trends indicate anything, some black people are not buying it. In the middle of all this, BET founder Robert Johnson said he favors Trump over Biden.

He isn’t alone.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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