Whoopi Goldberg Makes Disgusting Racial Claim

Whoopi Goldberg Makes Disgusting Racial Claim

(RightWing.org) – When a man is beaten to death by five cops, something has obviously gone wrong. Of course, the problem might not have been accurately portrayed by loudmouth TV personality Whoopi Goldberg. “The View” co-host caused outrage on Monday when she insinuated that the problem with the death of one black man at the hands of five other black men was — you guessed it! — white people.

On January 7, Tyre Nichols was stopped by police in Memphis, Tennessee, when a struggle ensued. When Nichols tried to evade the officers by running, five of them pursued. When they caught him, they gave him a severe beating. Three days later, he died in the hospital from his injuries. On January 24, the officers, all veterans with at least two years’ service — and all black — were arrested on charges that included kidnapping and murder.

In her January 30 episode of ABC talk show “The View,” Goldberg said, “Do we need to see White people also get beaten before anybody will do anything”? Goldberg also said the race of police officers doesn’t matter and “it is a problem in the policing itself” — but her racially-charged comment was what got the attention.

The internet quickly exploded with criticism, with some comments calling for ABC to “fire Whoopi immediately” and another suggesting a class action suit against the network. Others pointed out that white people have been victims of police violence.

Goldberg claims she “wasn’t suggesting” white people should get beaten by cops and was just trying to highlight a problem, but with racial tensions as high as they are, should media personalities really be using racist language about an incident where a civilian acted impulsively and police overreacted?

There’s a debate to be had about whether cops are sufficiently trained to handle suspects who resist or escape, but bringing race into everything isn’t going to help.

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