WHO Defies White House Over Taiwan

WHO Defies White House Over Taiwan

(RightWing.org) – The World Health Organization (WHO) is setting itself up for another clash with the Trump administration. This controversial health agency is trying to weasel out of inviting Taiwan to its upcoming global assembly. Taiwan is a key US ally, as well as one of the countries that tried to give early warning of the Wuhan coronavirus, but the Chinese communists don’t like them. Of course, the WHO is trying to keep its masters in Beijing happy — even if it costs even more lives.


Last month, President Trump announced he was suspending US funding for the WHO while investigating its role in covering up for China.

  • The WHO was set up in 1948 to be a trusted, global agency that could coordinate responses to disease.
  • However, in recent years the organization has taken its eye off infectious diseases to focus on pressing for lifestyle changes. There have also been complaints under its last director, Margaret Chan, and the incumbent Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that communist China has gained an unhealthy degree of influence over the organization.
  • This has been painfully obvious throughout the Wuhan coronavirus crisis. Taiwan first raised concerns about the spreading pandemic in December but was ignored by the WHO. The country has been systematically excluded from the organization under Chinese pressure.
  • Next, the WHO stood by as China tried to cover up the virus’s origins and the seriousness of the threat. As late as January 14, the WHO was tweeting Chinese claims there was no evidence the disease could be transmitted from person to person.
  • On April 15, President Trump announced he was temporarily suspending funding to the WHO. The US is the largest contributor to the organization, paying 16% of its total budget.
  • The administration also drafted a proposal that would see Taiwan brought back into the WHO. However, it seems Tedros is pushing back against this.
  • With the next World Health Assembly due to take place on May 18-19, Taiwan still hasn’t received an invitation – and a string of WHO officials have been coming forward to make excuses. Legal counsel Derek Walton says an invitation for Taiwan is “a question for the members” — but that can only be put to the members at the assembly, making it too late for Taiwan to be invited.
  • Meanwhile, WHO’s principal legal officer Steven Solomon says the organization has “no mandate” to invite Taiwan.
  • The US administration disagrees, Secretary Pompeo says Tedros has the power to invite Taiwan as an observer, as previous – but less pro-China – directors have done. It looks like Tedros is doubling down on his groveling to China and gambling that the US isn’t serious about pulling its funding. But, with over 80,000 Americans already dead thanks to China and the WHO trying to hide the virus, that might not be the smartest bet.

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