White House Won’t Comment on Potential Gun Confiscations

White House Won't Comment on Potential Gun Confiscations

(RightWing.org) – Every time a tragedy like the recent shootings at a Christian school in Nashville happens, the Democrats waste no time ramping up their rhetoric on gun-control by playing on the fears and ignorance of their voter base. President Joe Biden once again took this opportunity to declare the need to ban ownership of “assault rifles,” in which he includes the AR-15. This position has some people concerned that what he and the other Liberals are up to is setting the stage for the confiscation of legally owned long guns.

Won’t Say No

During a March 29 press briefing held by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council advisor John Kirby, the questions turned to the topic of just how far Biden plans to go. One reporter asked if he intends to go beyond his stated intention to attempt “banning the sale and manufacture of semiautomatic weapons” and take active steps to forcefully take them from the homes and hands of American citizens.

Jean-Pierre’s evasive reply was, “[AR-15s] are weapons of war, and they should not be on the streets across the country,” and unequivocally stated that “we’re going to have an assault weapons ban.” She also went on one of her typical tirades against Republicans, essentially accusing them of callously ignoring the loss felt by families of victims, specifically citing shootings in Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas, and of course, Nashville.

However, some pundits have noted that the AR-15 is the civilian version of the military M4 carbine (with options for fully automatic and three-round burst firing modes), which the Army is phasing out as being too underpowered for modern warfare. One counterpoint that has been brought to the forefront by Conservatives over the decades of attempted Democrat gun grabs is the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The 2A was put in place by the founding fathers so that the citizens would not be deprived of the opportunity to defend themselves from an overreaching and controlling government. The Constitution itself provides the method to change an amendment if America truly wants it changed, and that has journalists from both ends of the political spectrum asking, “why aren’t you doing this?” So far, no answers are forthcoming.

The Left also seems to contradict itself when it comes to the motivation of the people who end up pulling the trigger and killing so many people. They are quick to downplay the idea that many of these shooters suffer from mental illness, yet they are proponents of so-called red flag laws that allow law enforcement and/or family members to have a person’s guns confiscated if they are suffering some sort of crisis.

A perfect example of the current Leftist mindset was an interview done by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) on the April 2 episode of Sunday morning staple, “Face the Nation.” In one breath, he said that you cannot apply “a prism of mental illness” to explain these events. Then, quite literally, in his next sentence, he said it was too easy to put these “weapons of mass destruction [into the hands] of dangerously mentally ill people.”

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