White House Using ‘Loophole’ to Keep Public From Knowing the Truth

White House Using 'Loophole' to Keep Public From Knowing the Truth

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans. It seems hardly a week goes by without his antics hitting the headlines. Hunter recounted his years of drug addiction in his recently published memoir. Federal officials continue looking into his shady dealings with overseas energy companies in China and Ukraine. Now he appears to be attempting to recreate himself as an artist. However, there’s a hitch involving the White House.

On July 8, the left-leaning Washington Post reported that White House lawyers helped draft a contract to sell some of Hunter Biden’s paintings at an upcoming New York gallery auction for as much as six figures. Under the agreement, the gallery isn’t allowed to reveal the identity of anyone bidding on or purchasing any of the younger Biden’s paintings. In theory, keeping them anonymous prevents purchasers from buying access to the White House.

However, former Obama administration ethics head Walter Shaub posted numerous Tweets expressing his outrage at the plan.

As Shaub explained in one tweet, all the agreement accomplishes is forever shielding the identity of purchasers of Hunter Biden’s paintings, making it impossible to monitor whether or not they gained government access in exchange for their purchase. Shaub also shuddered at the long-term precedent this arrangement could set in another post.

In light of the numerous ethical concerns regarding Hunter Biden and his father’s political career, one would think the last thing daddy would do is get entangled in his son’s current business affairs. Perhaps he doesn’t care?

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